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Indian Springs Softball Complex
Broken Arrow, OK
Director Bill Hancock
Ball Park - 918-636-9575
McAlester Softball Complex
Randy Norman Director
918-421-0065 - Cell Phone
918-421-4957 - Park Phone 
A new park coming soon
A New park coming soon.

Miami Softball Complex
Miami, OK
Bill Hancock Tournament contact

Artunoff Softball Complex
Bartlesville, Ok 
(918) 440-5936
Director- Lorrie Hennessy
DBAT Sportsplex
801 NW 122nd Street
Oklahoma City, OK
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Acme Brick Ball Park

Clinton, OK


Kris Wermy - Director


Ponca City YMCA Softball
Ponca City OK
Bill Hancock - Tournament Contact

2014 OKLAHOMA NSA-BPA Tournament Schedule
This page has all NSA SOFTBALL AND BPA BASEBALL Tournaments
Updates are being made Weekly - Please check back

DateLocation Event/ Tournament Entry Contact  Forms
 Jan. 4thIndian Springs Oklahoma NSA Thanks You 250 Men's Tournament $45 + $25 Team Sanction + Umps Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Jan. 11thIndian Springs Fallout Sports Rev Ex Bat Giveaway Tournament $250 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Feb. 1st Indian Springs Fallout Sports Jeff Hall COED Bat Giveaway Tournament $275 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Feb. 15 Indian Springs Men's 250 Tournament $225 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661 
Feb. 22nd DBAT Sportsplex, OKC Turmoil's Battle for Bats Tournament. Men's, Women's, and COED $200 + Ump Fees + Gate Jeremy Scruggs 405-651-0789 or Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Mar. 1DBAT Sportsplex, OKC Opening Day 7/3 COED Slam $180 + $10 Ump Fees + Gate Dustin Dailey 918-360-1600 
Mar. 8th Indian Springs Dudley COED Slugfest World Qualifier$225 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Mar. 15thBartlesville Back 2 Bartlesville Bash, Men's and COED $225 Kelly France 918-815-7892 or Bill Hancock 918-607-1661 
Mar. 22nd DBAT Sportsplex, OKC CANCELLEDTBA Shannon Smith 405-615-4433 or Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Mar. 22ndIndian Springs CANCELLED$225 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Mar. 29th Bartlesville Men's Bronze/Silver and Gold/Elite Combo World Qualifiers, Women's Qualifier $250Kelly France 918-815-7892 or Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Apr. 5thBartlesville COED Cancer Kicker Qualifier $250Kelly France 918-815-7892 or Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Apr. 12th Indian Springs Tom Gordon Memorial Dedication Men's and Women's Tournament $250 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Apr. 19thPonca CityMen's Women's, and COED World Qualifiers $250 Kelly France 918-815-7892 or Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Apr. 25-26th McAlester Youth Fast Pitch. 10U and 12U World Qualifier$175 Randy Norman 918-421-0065  
Apr. 26th Indian Springs Men.s and Women's World Qualifier$225 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
May 3rd Indian Springs TULSA SHOCK COED Arena Ball $225 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
May 10th Bartlesville Bronze/Silver CA$H Tournament World Qualifier$275 Kelly France 918-815-7892 or Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
May 10th McAlester Gold/Elite World Qualifier and Women's Qualifier$225Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
May 16-17th McAlester YOUTH Fast Pitch 12U and 14U World Qualifier $175 Randy Norman 918-421-0065  
May 17th Bartlesville Upper and Lower Men's Home Run Derby Tournament$250 Kelly France 918-815-7892 pr Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
May 17th DBAT Sportsplex, OKC Gold/Elite Super World Series NIT, and Women's Tournaments $275 + Gate Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
May 31st Indian Springs GO BALD OR GO HOME COED 7/3 COED Benefit Tournament RESCHEDULED$225 Jermy Bell 918-955-6358 or Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Jun. 7th Bartlesville Bronze and Silver Super World Series NIT Tournaments $275 Kelly France 918-815-7892 or Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Jun. 14th Bartlesville 1st Annual Bartlesville Area Corporate Challenge COED Tournament $250Kelly France 918-815-7892 
Jun. 14th McAlesterCOED World Qualifier RAINED OUT Rescheduled for July 26th$250 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Jun. 21 Indian Springs Men's CA$H Bash$275Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Jun. 27-28th McAlester YOUTH Fast Pitch 10U, 12U, and 14U State Championships. $225Randy Norman 918-421-0065  
Jun. 28th Bartlesville Whiskey Bent 7/3 COED CA$H Tournament CANCELLED$250 Kelly France 918-815-7892 or Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Jun 28th DBAT Sportsplex, OKCCASH TOURNAMENT$275 INC UMPS AND GATE FOR PLAYERSBill Hancock 918-607-1661 
Jul. 12th Indian SpringsBronze State Tournament $275 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Jul 12th Indian Springs  Silver State Tournament $275 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Jul 12th Indian Springs Women's World Qualifier $225 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
July 14-19 Williamsburg, VA Class B Eastern World Series. 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U TBA Frank Rabchuka 757-593-4716 
July 15-19 Clearwater Beach/St. Petersburg, FL Class B Southeastern World Series. 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U TBA Pat Affrunti 727-409-9683 
July 17-20 Las Vegas, NVClass A and B West World Series. 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U TBA Marty Lally 702-896-3053  
July 19th Indian Springs Church COED State $275 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
July 19th DBAT Sportsplex, OKC Gold and ELite State Tournaments $275 + Gate Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
July 21-27 Tyger River, Spartansburg, SC Class A Eastern World Series. 10U, 12U, 4U, 16U, and 18U TBADavid Butler 704-596-2270  
July 21-27 NW Indiana North Central Class B World Series 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U TBABill Horton 810-629-9551 
Jul. 26 McAlester COED World Qualifier $225 Randy Norman 918-421-0065 or Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Jul. 26th Indian SpringsMen's Church State$250 Bill Hancock 918-607-1661  
Aug. 2nd Indian Springs Women's Qualifier $250 Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 
Aug. 2nd Indian Springs Men's Ca$h Tournament$275Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 
Aug. 9th Indian Springs COED World Qualifier $250 Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 
Aug. 16th Rogers Arkansas Bronze, Silver, Gold and Elite Arkansas-Oklahoma Bi-State Tournament $300 Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 or Rick Stocker 479-644-5025  
Aug 29-31st Rogers Arkansas Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Elite Super Regionals $300 Bill Hancok 918-978-5558 or Rick Stocker 479-644-5025  
Sept. 6 McAlester Ca$h Tournament $275 Randy Norman 918-421-0065 or Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 
Sept. 12-14thRogers ArkansasSilver, Gold and Elite Southern World Series TBA Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 OUT OF STATE TEAMS MUST ENTER THROUGH THEIR STATE DIRECTOR  
Sept. 20 Indian SpringsCOED State Tournament $250 Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 
Sept. 27th Indian Springs 4th Annual Tom Gordon Memorial Men's and Women's Tournament $225 Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 
Oct. 3 Indian Springs Duck, Duck Soup Tournament $225 Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 
OCT. 3-5thColumbus, Ohio Bronze, Silver, Gold, and ELite Super World Series $350 Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 
Oct. 3-5th Nashville, TNBronze Super World Series $350 Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 
Oct. 11thMcAlesterCOED Southern World Series$300Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 or Sheila Norman 918-421-0065  
Oct. 18th Indian Springs Go Bald or Go Home Benefit Tournament format will be 1 pitch 250 $200 + $25 Sanction fee if not already sanctioned NSA.Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 or Jermy Bell 918-955-6358 
NOV. 15 Indian Springs Mix-N-Match $25 per player Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 
Nov. 22 Indian Springs Wood Bat 250 $225 Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 
Dec. 6 Indian SpringsPearl Harbor Memorial 250 tournament $225 Bill Hancock 918-978-5558 


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